Announces various initiatives to promote employee health and well-being!

Mumbai (LiveBharat24): Fincare Small Finance Bank, one of the fastest growing small finance banks in the country has undertaken a series of initiatives to support its employees’ health and well-being. The year 2020 has been a challenging year for the entire world, but more so for the Covid-19 warriors – those working in essential services. With an aim to promote employee wellness and make them a priority, Fincare Small Finance Bank introduced several initiatives under the theme “Covid Fightback – The Fincare Way” which has demonstrated its commitment towards building an
organization that fosters care, camaraderie and culture. With a workforce of 8000+ spread across the country, some of the Fincare SFB’s best employee initiatives include – ‘Leadership Connect’ which is a forum for sharing key updates about the bank,
people practice, policies and Covid-related actions. The forum is also the opportunity for team members to voice their honest feelings, questions and concerns and receive a straight response; another initiative involves the use of a collaboration tool, Microsoft Kaizala, which is a two-waylistening/speaking, engaging, recognizing/rewarding and creating a sense of belonging among the employees. Commenting on the employee initiatives, Mr. Pankaj Gulati, Chief People Officer, Fincare Small Finance Bank said “We believe in fostering win-win workplace at Fincare. During the pandemic, the Bank took all the necessary steps to have a safe and secure workplace environment. Our staff-side
initiatives have also been acknowledged and Fincare SFB has been Certified as ‘Great Place to Work’ for the period March 2021- February 2022. With our continuous attempt at being an ‘employee-first’ brand, we aspire to foster an environment of well-being and success for all our colleagues.”The Bank handled the pandemic with resilience and ensured timely measures to stem the spread amidst its work-force. The Bank stood by each and every team member and supported them at every step, right from helping staff travel to their native place during lockdown (stay home, stay safe), to the phase of returning to base location to infrastructure changes to improving hygiene (life
and livelihood) and eventually restoring normalcy in operations (reset and restart).
A significant effort has also been put into training and development of its staff, as traditional modes moved to digital modes. The Bank’s flagship field training program called ‘Shiksha Diwas’ is aimed at continuous learning by self. The initiative has been running successfully with nearly 75000 participants (~10x of the headcount) covered vide 24 programs spread over the last year.
The Bank leaves no stone unturned in training the middle and senior management of the bank for the purpose of making them see their role as ‘influencing’ rather than ‘directing’ and in the process of achieving higher effectiveness and greater success as the team. 300+ participants were a part of the ‘lead and learn’ leadership training series during the year.The other significant initiatives of the bank include – Digital Onboarding of new staff, HRiDay Initiative, Covid-19 Fightback including WhatsApp support groups, oximeter and thermometer provided to infected staff, empaneling specialist doctors for daily calling to staff/family, providing an e-wellness app for availing free e-consultation and e-counselling services. All such initiatives
were intended to add to the well-being of every Fincarian.
urney of building a best-in-class bank.

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