 Becomes the first small finance bank to take the proactive step
 Bank to absorb cost of vaccination of 8000+ Fincarians spread across the country

Mumbai (LiveBharat24) : As the nation gears up to get itself vaccinated for Covid-19 to end this year long battle with the virus, Fincare Small Finance Bank announced that it will bear the cost of vaccination of all its employees.
This announcement was made as an expression of gratitude by the Bank towards its
employees, who showed up and stayed up across the branches and administrative offices to keep the bank running during the challenging times. The bank will cover the cost of bothdoses to safeguard employee health and safety amidst rising cases in certain parts of the country. More than 8200 staff across the country are set to benefit from this initiative. Commenting on this initiative, Mr. Rajeev Yadav, MD&CEO said, “At Fincare, we are constantly striving to build a people-centric culture. During the last year, our teams have withstood an extremely challenging pandemic that impacted lives and livelihood the world over. Every Fincarian demonstrated full passion and kept the branches operational and our technology & back-end process running in order to ensure seamless services for customers.
In turn, the bank has extended comprehensive support to all its staff under its “Covid
Fightback – The Fincare Way” initiative by way of special allowance, test reimbursement,
insurance support, paid leave, doctor-on-call services etc. not only for staff but also for their family members. Continuing with our commitment to staff welfare, we are pleased to cover the cost of vaccination for all our staff.” Fincare Small Finance Bank has always focused on enhancing employee well-being and has received several awards and accolades for its people practices. Recently, in March’21, the Bank got certified as a ‘Great Place to Work’ by the Great Place to Work Institute. With its continuous attempt at being an ‘employee-first’ brand, the bank aspires to foster anenvironment of well- being and happiness of all its staff members.
As per Government guidelines, currently citizens above 60 years of age and those above 45 with specified co-morbidities are eligible for Covid-19 vaccine. The guidelines for other categories are likely to be announced shortly. The bank shall follow all protocols and provide the benefit in accordance with the guidelines.

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