Mumbai (LiveBharat24): Tata Capital, recently concluded the annual recruitment for its Management Trainee Program, selecting over 100 management trainees from various IIMs and Top Tier Business Schools across India. The 2021 batch of new trainees have been offered roles across domains like Sales & Marketing, Digital, Data Science, Risk Management and Finance.

“The endeavor of the Tata Capital Management Trainee Program is to induct high quality talent at the entry level, provide them a wide spectrum of opportunities across functions and projects to hone their skills and nurture them for assuming leadership positions fairly early in their career journey. We also ensure that each cohort adds to the diversity of our workforce thereby enhancing its dynamism even more,” said Mr. Avijit Bhattacharya, Chief Human Resources Officer, Tata Capital.

Tata Capital and its subsidiary companies provide a wide array of services and products in the financial services sector. The company’s diverse offerings include retail loans, corporate loans, housing finance, wealth management, cleantech and private equity.

Over the years, Tata Capital has achieved growth and scale by entering new geographies and driving opportunities through innovative digital channels and platforms. Technology plays a key role in re-defining business processes and customer service at Tata Capital. Currently, the company is present in over 160 locations, caters to over 25,00,000 customers and has an employee strength of over 5000 across the country.

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