Lucknow (LiveBharat24): Every year, since 2009, millions of people across the country celebrate #DaanUtsav between October 2 and 8 by doing acts of giving themselves or by getting together with friends and family — autorickshaw drivers sponsor meals for the poor, RJs help vegetable vendors make better sales, groups of people everywhere make a difference to the lives of those around them, people donate their time, skill and material to various NGOs, etc.Groups of people, institutes, associations and businesses all over India come together to celebrate the joy of giving with Daan Utsav. This festival which belongs to each one of you has only one ‘ritual’, i.e. to give anything (your time, teach a skill, material etc) to another person to realise and spread the happiness one derives from the joy of giving. Since we all do and mean good, the week-long celebration commemorates this feeling of love and compassion and reminds us that even small initiatives can bring a change. Daan Utsav encapsulates humanity and leaves behind an air laden with festivities, compassion and harmony.The best part is that each of you can decide what and where to give, depending on your inclination, time and energy. COVID-19 has impacted many festivals this year but here it acts not as a deterrent but as a cause to celebrate Daan Utsav with unprecedented energy. While maintaining physical distance, you can identify a group of children near your house and distribute toys, books or can record stories on your phone and share with government school teachers to share with students. The week can also be used to shower the experienced and elderly people with love by exchanging stories or spending time with them.You may also engage people who work in your home and give them time, a gesture of kindness or something tangible. A regular celebrator, Swati from Indira Nagar, Lucknow, has decided to teach English to youth in her area and is collecting used mobile phones from friends and relatives. Over the past few years doctors and lawyers have also stepped forward to conduct free camps which can be conducted this time too through an NGO to ensure physical distancing and many camps like oral hygiene and awareness campaigns can be conducted online.

Participating businesses, associations and institutions of all scale not only change lives but also infuse compassion and understanding in their own team. Individuals and enterprises are  organising online workshops sharing their skills, baking, embroidery, art, the list is endless. This can lead to a livelihood for some people in need. Dr Mandakini, a dentist though based in Faridabad conducts oral health, hygiene and awareness camps around UP and as well as physical camps will also conduct online awareness activities as well as teach Mandala art which can translate to greeting cards which can be sold.

Engage with your community and spread the joy of giving like the fragrance of flowers bringing joy to those around you and yourself. From 2-8 October, those of you celebrating Daan Utsav will spread love and positivity and rekindle the flame of humanity in our cities and across India. Refer to and the facebook page for more information. In Lucknow contact 8081092940 or 80909 01612

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