Mumbai (LiveBhart24): Tata Capital, the financial services arm of the Tata Group is now offering investors the ease of applying to New Fund Offers (NFO), using – Moneyfy, the wealth management app. In addition to the existing suite of offerings which comprises insurance, mutual funds and Tata Capital’s loans, customers can also add NFOs to their portfolio.
Monefy’s latest NFO offering helps customers to diversify their portfolio through new investment or sectoral themes. Currently customers can look forward to investing in Nippon’s Multi – Asset NFO which opens on August 07, 2020 and ends on August 21, 2020. First time investors can simply download the Monefy App (Google Play store/Ápple App store), register and purchase the units of the NFO digitally.
The App further helps users plan and make an informed decision by providing the following updates:
List of NFOs which are currently open and upcoming NFOs
Minimum investment amount
The closing date and the number of days for which the NFO will remain open
Details of the Fund Managers
Comparison of other mutual funds in that category along with their performance history

Saurav Basu, Head – Wealth Management, Tata Capital

On this new development, Saurav Basu, Head – Wealth Management, Tata Capital said, “Moneyfy, is an end- to- end digital wealth management platform which helps our customers in their financial journey. The App is designed to make money management and planning for goals seamless and convenient. This smart DIY App, enables customers to build their portfolio based on their pre-defined goals. With our latest NFO offering, our customers can diversify and further strengthen their portfolio. Moneyfy, will keep evolving and we will continue to add new products and features in the future as well.”
Tata Capital’s Moneyfy App, which was recently launched has received a very good response, including first time investors. Based on each customer’s defined parameters and goals, the App’s advanced algorithm curates financial plans which suit his/her investment style. Moneyfy provides easy access to the most frequently needed financial products including Mutual Funds, Insurance and Tata Capital’s loan offerings.

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