Mumbai (LiveBharat24):There has been a new year Calendar launch of MR/MISS/MRS INDIA GLOBE 2021 (8TH YEAR) by MRS INDIA GLOBE 2020 2ND RUNNER UP ( GUDIYA YADAV)   at MUMBAI FILM INSTITUE LUCKNOW UTTAR PRADESH.

Dignitires who have attended the launch are : Sanjeev Kumar ( Chairman of.MR/MISS/ MRS INDIA GLOBE & MAGNET) from Delhi, Seema Modi Theatre artist, Mukesh lyrics writer, Rao Sultana, Alebeena khan & Mukesh Jindal.directors of.Mumbai Film Institute from NSD & THEATRE. Actor also presented there. GUDIYA YADAV MRS INDIA GLOBE 2ND RUNNER UP at the end gave away the vote of thanks to all guests and media person.

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